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Child's Play

For the Love of Lettuce (Softcover Edition)



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3 - 7 Years

By Courtney Dicmas

Two caterpillars approach life in very different ways. Zip likes to plan, but doesn’t like change, while Parsley is happy to live in the moment.

How will they cope in the face of sudden and unexpected change?

This hilarious adventure is a lively introduction to adaptability, problem-solving, resilience, and mutual understanding.

Social skills and citizenship: This picture book can be used to encourage children to appreciate the differences between them and their friends.

Growth: readers can talk about the theme of change - what changes about the caterpillars’ relationship? In what ways do the characters change and how do they stay the same?

Empathy and creativity: ‘For the Love of Lettuce’ can be used to show children how to see things from another perspective in many ways; Zip learns to see Parsley’s relaxed attitude in a positive light, and young readers can be inspired to write from another point of view. We may see chickens as harmless, but to small caterpillars, they’re monsters!



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