Creatives: Requesting a Name Change

If you would like us to change how you’re credited on one of our books at any point post-publication, please let us know.

It's possible for us to change your author/illustrator credit on the book itself, but only when we go to reprint. In the meantime, we can update your name and/or pronouns in the following places:

Our website (i.e. the product page and biography)
Our catalogs and flyers
On the digital cover of the book (this will not match the book unless the book is reprinted)
On BooksoniX (our database, which feeds to many online stores)
On the book’s Amazon listings

Please let us know if your email address, biography, social media handles or any other details have changed.

With your consent, we’ll notify our team members and other key contacts regarding the change to ensure they use your new name (and/or pronouns, where applicable).