About Child's Play

Child's Play is an independent publisher, specializing in whole child development, focused play, life skills and values. Child's Play products bring out the best in children (and adults) of all levels of ability, enabling them to work and play together. Our programme consists of books, games, toys and associated materials.

Since the company was founded by Michael Twinn in 1972, our programme of books, games, Storysacks® and audio-visual material has enjoyed widespread international recognition, with Child's Play companies also in Australia and the UK, and distributors in many other countries.



Child's Play books are developed around the child, taking into consideration their developing awareness and needs. Child's Play produces children's fiction in which vocabulary is unrestricted, but structures are natural and simple.

Vibrant illustrations positively portray children of all cultures, religions, gender and abilities, helping children to develop an understanding of our diverse society, and promote non-stereotypical traditions and values.

Information books provide real challenges and visual stimulation for enquiring minds. Interactive books are designed to be purposeful and educational, and any interactive element is integral to the story.



Awarded by Let Toys Be Toys for marketing inclusively to children, free from gender stereotypes.


"We're In-clusively Minded. Everybody In Books" - Inclusive Minds badge