Manuscript Guidelines

Update for 2023: Please note that we are currently overwhelmed with manuscript submissions but we will try our best to respond to each one.

We are happy to accept manuscripts, but as we are sent so many it is worth considering whether they will fit in with our program before sending them.

Our program is extremely diverse; although it mainly focuses on children under five. We publish a large number of board books for babies and toddlers. Board books are generally 12 pages and reflect experiences relevant to the age group. They have very few words. Many of our books
contain an element of interaction, lift-up flaps, pop-ups, dials etc. When this interaction is tactile it is always an integral part of the story.

Picture books are highly illustrated; generally they are 32 pages with a maximum of 1,500 words of text. They are always child centered.

We use a number of independent illustrators and do not require manuscripts to arrive with illustrations.

Our books cover many different subjects, but all are written within the context of a diverse and international society. We try to reflect various families and avoid gender, disability or racial stereotyping.

We also publish a limited number of information books for up to nine years old, which are usually engineered and interactive. We do not publish children's novels.

We are unable to consider AI-generated stories.

Before submitting your work, we suggest that you look through the books on our website to see if your style fits into our programme.

In exceptional circumstances (if you do not have access to a computer), we will accept postal submissions. Please enclose a self-addressed envelope if you wish to have your samples returned.

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Postal Address:
Child's Play (International) Ltd
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As we receive such a large number of manuscripts every month, it is impossible for us to offer criticism on individual projects.

As a response may take some time, we recommend that you make simultaneous submissions.